Holy crap, look at how cool this looks. Why am I not playing it?

Faeria expansion, The Adventure Pouch: Oversky, unlocks today

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Faeria is one of the many games on my “must play” list that I never seem to get around to actually playing. The combined CCG and tactical board game elements would seem to be my chocolate and peanut butter but, alas,  Race for the Galaxy came out and pretty much ruined me for card games until some time in 2019 when I might get a little bored with it.

Still, Abrakam, is trying to get me to put RftG aside early by unleashing new expansion content for Faeria. Looking at what’s in the expansion, they might just succeed.

The new expansion, unfortunately monikered The Adventure Pounch: Oversky, will unlock 33 new cards as well as the titular Oversky which consists of five islands to explore. The coolest addition, in my solo-playing-eyes, is the addition of a cooperative campaign that will let you explore the islands with a friend (or AI), finishing off with a boss battle against the evil Emperor of Mirnast, which is a place or something. All you need to know is that he’s EVIL, even though his parents will claim he’s just a misunderstood loner. Typical.

So, what the hell is an Adventure Pouch? If you’re like me, you assumed it referred to a kangaroo in a chainmail bikini, but you’d be wrong! Instead it’s a special item which will level up as players complete daily missions. The missions include winning PvP games, defeating the Emperor, and more. You’ll earn cosmetic junk as well as gold, chests, and more as your pouch swells, which does sound a bit painful. You’ll only have your Adventure Pouch until October 9th, when the event will end, so hop on there and start leveling up that pouch!

If you tried Faeria after it’s launch back in March and weren’t entirely thrilled by your experience, you should know that a lot has changed since it first arrived on our iPads. Insert obligatory Press Release blurb:

Since Faeria’s 1.0 launch:

  • Gone above one million downloads of Faeria worldwide!
  • We have 84% positive reviews from almost 4,000 reviews on Steam
  • Introduced 12 new cards, bringing the total number in our core set to 279 (after Oversky, more than 340 cards including the 33 new Oversky cards and uncollectable Treasure cards)
  • Added new solo (PvE) content, including mission packs, new puzzles and most recently a series of World Bosses to defeat which unlock when you reach certain user levels
  • Maintained an active community with lively discussion on Discord and elsewhere, as well ascontinuing our esports support, with our official Monthly Cups ($3,300 cash prizes) and other tournaments
  • Grown Faeria’s community-focused website ‘The Hub’ into the definitive place to find guides, deck sharing, videos and discussion

Might be time to dive back in and give Faeria a try. The Oversky content is being dribbled out over the next several weeks, with the first co-op battles and Adventure Pouch challenges available today and more islands and cards coming over the next five Mondays. Check out the Oversky trailer and find Faeria on the platform of your choice at the links below (the Oversky expansion only seems to be live on Steam and iOS right now). Like most CCGs, it’s free to download.

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