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Lords of Waterdeep going 64-bit and coming to PC/Mac

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With all the negative news surrounding Playdek these days, it’s sometimes hard to remember they’re still one of the best digital board game developers out there. That’s going to become obvious later this month when the all-new version of Lords of Waterdeep hits the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

For those of us who already own Lords of Waterdeep on our iOS devices, not a lot is going to change other than it will now be 64-bit compliant and, therefore, continue to keep working after we upgrade to iOS 11. For users on other platforms, this is a much bigger deal. First of all, the conversion to Unity means that Lords of Waterdeep will finally be making its appearance on Android, and for those of you who prefer a mouse to a touchscreen, it will also be coming to PC/Mac via Steam.

As for changes, from what I can tell they are most cosmetic. The board has a very cool pseudo-3D thing going on now, similar to how the hills and buildings in the Sorcery! series kind of popped off the screen. It’s a little thing, but really makes the board come to life in a way that it didn’t before. So, it’s the same old Lords of Waterdeep we’ve known and loved for years, only we can stop worrying about its imminent demise. If only Playdek could do the same thing for grandma!

The new version will be going live next Wednesday, August 23, and will be a free update for iOS users. Playdek hasn’t yet revealed the price for the other platforms but, unless you just can’t stand euro games or worker placement, you’re going to want to get this on at least one of your devices, regardless of price. It’s one of the best board game conversions ever, and it’s great to see it getting some love again.

Brad over at 164 put together a preview video of the game in action. Take a look.

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Notable Replies

  1. Looks like landscape play is possible. That is a big win!

  2. I’ve been wondering if our current tourney might be the last time I play this game. Great news!

  3. tstedt says:

    This is great news.

  4. What in the HELL is with the perspective shifting on the camera from side to side? Not a chance I could play that without getting nauseous.

  5. The map shifts slightly to track the cursor. There is a setting to disable this (and it starts off by default).

  6. Really good to know. Thank you for letting me know.

  7. I don’t care what everyone else says, I still love playdek. My only complaint is that there isn’t even more playdek brilliance to buy

  8. Agreed 100%. I will still buy a new release from them instantly.

  9. Awesome! Great news.

    I really hope the rest of Playdek’s library will find its way to the new era as well.

  10. Strangiato reported over at BGG that the iOS update to LoW is now scheduled for this coming Monday …

  11. Unfortunately, it’s more likely to be later in the week now.

    The update is done and ready to go, but we’re waiting on a few approvals from WotC.

  12. Thanks for the further update Gary.

    Always better to wait for a polished release than to get something less earlier. Not sure why I am so keen though … @Lexicon crushes me every time in our two-player games … I feel so helpless as he weaves his magic. But it is a quality app that looks to be about to get even better.

  13. @robthomasson I have to do that to make up for all the times you smash my dreams in Ascension. I feel like we need a 3rd game now…

  14. take a word of advice and don’t let you be tricked into playing RftG vs robthomasson :head_bandage:
    he is runner-up premier league champion :open_mouth:

  15. I’ll quit feverishly searching for it on Google Play every hour or so then. :slight_smile: Hope the approval comes though!

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