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Sentinels adding a little variety all through autumn

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I’ve been noticing a lot of people on social media decrying the end of summer and whining that autumn is nearly upon us. These people are morons. Autumn is the best goddamned season of the entire year and I’ll fight anyone who claims summer is all that. Can you wear flannel while eating chili in front of a roaring fire in summer? Hell no! Autumn wins. If I had a mic drop gif, this is where I’d put it.

Handelabra is on my side, and are doing their darndest to make autumn even better. Starting last night, their Fall of the Variants event began and we can expect new, free Sentinels of the Multiverse goodness every week through December.

Every week Handelabra will be unveiling a new variant hero that can be unlocked for the low, low price of zero American dollars. The variant for each week will be revealed during their weekly Twitch stream on Tuesday nights at 7pm EDT. If you aren’t into watching Twitch streams, you can check out this page to see the variant of the week after it’s revealed on the stream.

This week’s variant is the Extreme Prime Wardens version of Argent Adept. To unlock that week’s variant, you’ll need to be playing with that character and figure out how to unlock it. If you’re the first to do so, you’ll be a hero and unlock it for everyone else in the world. How cool is that. Here are the deets (yep, I just typed that):

  • Each variant will become available for unlocking across all platforms at the same time.
  • To unlock a variant hero in multiplayer, you must be controlling that hero.
  • The first person to Tweet @handelabra or post to our Facebook page with proof of their unlock (a screenshot of the moment of unlocking) will earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • The “unlock now” button will become available for each variant either 30 days from when they are first available, or when the unlock condition has been discovered by the community. You can always check on unlock conditions in the Variant Files.

Sentinels of the Multiverse has reached a point where they’ve caught up to the cardboard game, so this is a pretty clever way to get more new content into the game. Getting it for free is an added bonus. Open up your Sentinels app and start playing and see if you can crack the code for unlocking this week’s variant hero!


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Notable Replies

  1. Flannel? Chili? Roaring fire? I can spot a cheesehead from a mile away. That’s probably becuase I live about a mile south of the WI border and have very nearly the same sensibilities.

    As for Sentinels, this has to be most most deleted then reinstalled app on the store. If ever there was a quintessential “great on paper, awful in practice” game for me, this is it. Handelabra, though, certainly knocked it out of the park; no complaints directed their way.

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