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Oh, Age of Rivals. You were our Through the Ages before we had digital Through the Ages. You were our 7 Wonders before…well, you’re still our 7 Wonders and will likely always be. You were the surprise card game of our summer, only falling behind other releases because we learned everything you had to share. That is, we ran out of new cards to unlock. Roboto Games is set to reignite our addiction, however, with the Conflict of Fate update which should be landing on the App Store very soon.

We don’t have an exact date for the new update, but we know what we’re going to be getting. Are you ready for some major blurbage? You should be.

The Conflict of Faith Update (October 2017)

  • 18 new cards
  • The Conflict of Faith Campaign including 3 new challenge levels with normal/hard versions of each

Gameplay Changes

  • Both players are guaranteed to draw at least one Economic card during every draft in Round 1
  • Guaranteed cards will no longer ever show up in the very first draft
  • “Early” phase guaranteed cards may now draw during any draft in Round 1 (instead of just the first 2 drafts)

Card Changes

  • Graverobber Baron can now only steal a maximum of 2 coins per turn instead of 2 coins per Ruins drawn
  • Sun’s Sisters now gives bonus culture based on ruined card’s attack, and cost increased by 1
  • War Drums ability reprogrammed to work more reliably
  • Myrmidons cost reduced by 1
  • Conquistadors attack increased by 1
  • Assacani attack reduced by 1


So, we get 18 new cards to discover as well as a new campaign, which should keep us neck deep in Age of Rivals through the New Year. If you aren’t familiar with Age of Rivals, check out our review in which we sing its praises. If you’re feeling too weak to click that link (but not too weak to click the links below…don’t think about it too much, the logic doesn’t make a lot of sense), then just buy it at the links below. You’ll thank us.

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Notable Replies

  1. Played the snot out of this for weeks on end. I will be happy to give them a few bucks for more.

  2. Kolbex says:

    I really wanted to enjoy this, but I bought it twice on my phone and both times it crashed in the same spot very early in the tutorial, so both times I refunded it.

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