That's not me. With how much I lose, it will be 2034 before I reach level 25.

Through the Ages updates to version 1.24

iOS Universal, Android •

Have you heard of Through the Ages? It’s a little card game from Czech Games Edition that we kind of like. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s nearly perfect and I’m still playing (and losing) about 5 concurrent games at all times. Notice I said “nearly” perfect. CGE is aware that the game has a few issues and today released an update to help fix a few of them.

The 1.24 update was released this morning and includes one feature that many have asked for, a slowing down of your opponent’s turn replay so you can see what’s going on. If you’re a terrible player, like me, you don’t care what they’re doing because you’re busy building the Eiffel Tower, but good players have to pay attention to their enemies and stay on top of what’s going on to succeed. You can now change the turn replay speed from “so slow you’ll want to kill yourself before your turn rolls around again” to instant. As you can tell, I’m a fan of instant.

  • That’s the biggest addition, but there’s more:
  • Age III wonders and events include information about their potential culture gains
  • End game scoring can be speed up now
  • Added notification about the next event card, should the player know it
  • Improved stability

That last one is a biggie. Of the billion or so games I’ve played via the app thus far, I’ve only had 3-4 crash, unable to continue. That’s not too bad, but it is frustrating. Hopefully this is the first step in ironing out the online multiplayer.

Through the Ages is available for iOS Universal and Android and, yes, it works just as well on a phone as it does a tablet. It’s currently my GOTY (spoilers!), so I can’t recommend picking it up enough. If you want to see how not to play the game, check out my strategy articles here, here, and here. Yes, I’m having a hard time not thinking about this game.

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  1. js619 says:

    We subscribe to the same line of thought… who cares what they did, I’m building a shiny purple card!

  2. And it’s working for us, so why change!

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