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More content comes to old favorite, Battle of Polytopia

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If Through the Ages is a little too much, or you just need your 4X fix without burning your gray matter, Battle of Polytopia is there. Yes, this little, free game is everything you want in a 4X civ-builder, distilled down to a 10 minute playtime. It also keeps getting bigger with more and more civilizations added to the mix. Last night a new civilization arrived, the Quetzali tribe.

If you’re unfamiliar with Polytopia, here’s the deal. You start with one unit and a city. You can explore, build new units, research new technologies, build new cities, upgrade cities, fight other tribes, don’t fight other tribes, and build wonders. Yes, everything we love in a civ game is here, but the maps are tiny and the rules are simple and you’re on a time limit to try and earn the best score. It’s a ton of fun, and perfect to lose yourself when you don’t have time for a full game of TtA.

We don’t know much about this new tribe, other than they cost $1 to unlock. The announcement from Midjiwan simply states that they’ve arrived from the moist dungeons of Polytopia to take over the world, or something. I’m curious about these “moist dungeons”. A future expansion in which we can go undergound would be cool. For now, however, we’re stuck conquering the overland. Ho hum.

Polytopia is free to download and you get a handful of tribes to play with. Honestly, you don’t need to spend a cent on the game, as you get everything there is to see simply by downloading. That said, the new tribes are perfect for mixing things up and, with most of them only costing $1, it’s a great way to send some well deserved cash to the devs.

Polytopia is out for iOS Universal and Android and can be nabbed at the links below.

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