House Martell would be pleased

The Shieldbreaker arrives in the Darkest Dungeon hamlet this Thursday

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How good has 2017 been? I haven’t played Darkest Dungeon in a few weeks and it’s easily one of my favorite iPad titles released this year. With Through the Ages, Halcyon 6, and Warhammer Quest 2 all coming since Darkest Dungeon’s release back in August, becoming distracted wasn’t exactly a difficult thing to do. Any other year, however, and an app of Darkest Dungeon’s quality would already be waiting in the green room practicing it’s GOTY speech.

Red Hook‘s not content to let DD slide into oblivion, however. We already know that The Crimson Court DLC should be coming to the iPad version later this year and today we learned that a new class, The Shieldbreaker, would be making their appearance in the PC/Mac/Linux version this week.

The Shieldbreaker is an entirely new class that comes from the desert [can we please get a sequel that explores the entire world of DD? Every character’s backstory leads me to want to see more of it -ed.] and sounds like she would fit the “rogue” type of class. That is, lots of damage output but too little health to stand toe-to-toe. To help her survive, she has some new mechanisms that are being introduced: Armor Piercing, Guard Break, and Stealth.


  • New hero class: the Shieldbreaker
  • Dynamic, tactical skill set for the Shieldbreaker featuring all new combat mechanics including: Armor Piercing, Guard Break, and Stealth
  • Shieldbreaker class-specific trinkets, including a set.
  • 3 New Monsters – frightful illusions from the Shieldbreaker’s origin, now slithering forward to infest the Estate
  • New Consumable Item – Aegis Scale, providing a last bastion of protection for when a hero truly needs it.

The Shieldbreaker is coming to the PC/Mac/Linux version of Darkest Dungeon on October 26, but will also be coming to mobile down the road. How soon? We don’t know, but maybe she’ll be available whenever the massive update including the Crimson Court DLC lands?

Darkest Dungeon is a terrific iPad game (it’s also pretty great on a laptop) with a few odd UI choices that are small enough to not ruin the experience. The worst criticism I can say is that it’s really, really hard. Like crazy hard. Stupid hard. When you do succeed at something, however, it’s so rewarding. We’ll be sure to let you know when The Shieldbreaker arrives on mobile, but if you’re a Steam player, be sure to pick it up this week.

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Notable Replies

  1. Kolbex says:

    I really like the over the top pseudo-gothic atmosphere of Darkest Dungeon, but the actual gameplay makes me go a big ehhhhh. Too bad. I want to love it!

  2. I’m going to have to give this another go next time I take a road trip out to the in-laws’ farm. I like so much of what the game has to offer but rather dislike the permadeath. I don’t even mind brutal difficulties or penalties for failing, but I like the opportunity to level characters and grow attached to them.

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