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Among the Stars coming to iOS and Android

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It’s kind of funny that other, better card drafting games keep popping up on mobile making the long-awaited release of 7 Wonders less and less important. We already have Age of Rivals, which I think is a better overall game than the SdJ winner, and Through the Ages, which might be the best card drafting game ever. Over the weekend, the folks behind Brass announced another card drafting title is making its way to iOS and Android, Among the Stars.

Among the Stars was originally sold as “7 Wonders in SPACE!”, using a similar card drafting mechanism but building a space station instead of a civilization. Everything I’ve heard about Among the Stars puts it ahead of 7 Wonders, starting with a theme that feels like a real theme rather than a civ-colored coat of paint.

The original board game is from Artipia Games and it sounds like they’re working with Cublo Games to bring it to our touchscreens.

Due to our budget not permitting a weekend trip to Essen, Germany, that’s all the info we currently have about the project. Considering that it was being demoed gives me hope that it’s not too far off from the App Store. We have contacts over at Cublo and are in talks to get as much info as we can. Until then, watch the fine reviewers from Starlight Citadel give their thoughts on the mechanisms and gameplay of Among the Stars.

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