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Bearwaves set to…um…make waves with upcoming Feud

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Regardless of how theme-heavy you like your games, I think everyone, deep down, has a soft spot for abstract games. Something about the simplicity, beauty, and nostalgia of playing a game in which pieces only come in two colors with the winner decided by a battle of wits instead of labyrinthine combat rules involving card drafting, custom dice, and a DNA sample. Hell, Chess and Go have been around for millenia; will we be able to say the same thing about 7 Wonders? Well, not us. We’ll all be dead, but you know what I mean. Bottom line, abstracts are kind of cool and it looks like we have a new one heading our way from rookie developer, Bearwaves. It’s called Feud and, much like their name, I don’t quite understand what I’m seeing.

Feud is a 2-player game of black vs. white pieces on a 4×4 grid. The pieces are all labeled with the image of a character or object that, I assume, gives that piece a special ability. For example, one piece has a wizard on it and it clearly teleports in the gameplay trailer. Is that its only ability? I don’t know, but teleporting is cool enough for now, anyway. What I do know is the whole thing gives me a Hive vibe, which is a very good thing.

The game was designed by Dave Cordell as a tabletop game, but was quickly seen as being a better fit for digital and here we are. The game will offer solo play vs. AI against six different AI opponents as well as online multiplayer. The multiplayer is currently real-time only, but Bearwaves is considering asynchronous down the road if people clamor for it. The other big selling point is that it’s completely free to download and play. The only IAP will be for cosmetic items which you can easily ignore if you’re a cheapskate who doesn’t like to pay developers for hard work. Yes, I’m guilting you into paying them something.

I just recently was able to download Feud for my Mac, so I’ll be giving it a look over the next few weeks and will be back with a more in-depth report after I get my hands wet. For now, know that it’s coming to iOS, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux in early 2018. Did I mention it’s completely free? Included below are a teaser and a gameplay trailer. Take a look and watch for more Feud coverage in the future.

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Notable Replies

  1. Pitta says:

    This looks fantastic.

    And it screams ASYNC.

    I’ll download it tomorrow first thing in the morning.

  2. Pitta says:

    Downloaded and played 10-15 games.
    I actually really like this game, they are onto something potentially great.
    As I imagined, this screams ASYNC.

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