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Fantasy Flight’s companion app for Imperial Assault imminent

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Back at Gen Con in 2016 we were introduced to Mansions of Madness Second Edition which removed the need for a GM and made MoM one of the best exploration/narrative/dungeon crawlers out there. Around the same time we were also introduced to the Road to Legend app for their actual dungeon crawler, Descent 2.0. This, also, removed the need for a GM and did all the work so players could complete whole campaigns while all working on the same side. Both of these additions were met with critical acclaim, but gamers are a finicky bunch and instead of patting Fantasy Flight on the back, screamed about wanting the same type of companion app for FFG’s Star Wars themed dungeon crawler, Imperial Assault. Well, it’s coming.

Fantasy Flight had been fairly quiet over the past year in regards to a companion app for Imperial Assault, ensuring us that it was in the works but never offering any details or glimpses of what we can expect. That ended this morning when the months of silence erupted as a massive info dump in a new post on their site. We now know the app will be called Legends of the Alliance and much, much more.

Much like its predecessors, the amount of content you can play with grows along with your physical collection of stuff. More expansions = more options for the app when it comes to making maps and scenarios. The app will play the role of the GM, creating the maps and telling you where to place tiles, as well as controlling all the stormtroopers and Sith Lords the scenario decides to throw at you.

The app will have a new five-mission campaign, Flight of the Freedom Fighter, that begins immediately after the destruction of the Death Star after A New Hope. The app will track each character through the campaign and offer you only the upgrades and equipment your character(s) can use. It also keeps a record of your upgrades and equipment so you can easily set up and continue your campaign at a later date.

These companion apps from Fantasy Flight are pretty amazing and, if you haven’t tried one, I recommend giving whichever genre you prefer a go. The app does a great job of running the game, allowing you to play without constantly looking at the rulebook and even playing solo if you want. I’ve played a bunch of Mansions of Madness solo with the app and it’s a great experience. Best of all, they’re free.

No official word on when Legends of the Alliance will be going live, but FFG has a habit of releasing things the week of Thanksgiving, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it lands sometime this week.

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  2. The app is out. Now I just need to figure out when the heck I am going to have the time to play. Maybe my kids won’t care if I cancel some of their pre-Christmas activities…

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