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Mysterium expanding with Secrets and Lies

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Come. Sit. Don’t be nervous. Today we will be recalling our dearly departed who…what’s that? There’s a crack in my crystal ball? Yeah, well, I picked that up at a Ren faire back in ’04 and, after too many leather mugs of Miller Lite, tried to dunk with it on the hoop in my driveway. Still looks kind of neat, though, right? Anyway, we won’t be using the crystal ball today. Join hands and close your eyes, today we will communicate with the spirits of the dead! Think of your loved ones. See them in your mind’s eye.

THERE! I see them! Wait…it looks like Asmodee Digital and they’re bringing us a message. What is it, spirit? An expansion for Mysterium? Secrets and Lies? Available now? They’re fading…fading.

Ok, that will be $20.

Mysterium was the second game released, after Colt Express, in the Asmodee Digital board game tsunami that’s been overcoming the App Store. It was released way back in January of 2017, and eleven months later we’re getting a full blown expansion: Secrets and Lies.

Secrets and Lies adds more content to the ghostly whodunnit in the form of new characters, new locations, new items, and 18 story cards. The story cards are a new mechanism that add a motive to how the ghost was done in. Instead of just figuring out the who, where, and how, you now have to figure out the why.

Secrets and Lies includes 18 new story cards, which players can swap out for murder weapon cards for a little extra challenge: in lieu of unearthing an object, they’ll be digging up grudges and agendas. The expansion also fleshes out Mysterium’s spectral forensics with six new suspects (including Count Warwick himself), six new locations, six new items, and 42 new vision cards.

Best part of all this is that it’s available right now as a $2 IAP for iOS, Android, and Steam. I didn’t care much for the single-player version of Mysterium when it arrived, but I’ve heard the multiplayer experience is pretty much just like playing the tabletop version. If that’s the case, more stuff is always better because Mysterium around a table with friends is a blast.

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  1. Is it worth buying this game for solo?

  2. I don’t think so. I found the solo play to be rather dull. You’re matching wits with an AI, so…?

  3. Yeah, I figured…

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