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Civilization Revolution 2 manages to outrun the App-ocalypse

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While Civilization Revolution 2 isn’t exactly the highpoint of Sid Meier’s influential Civilization series, it’s the only one we’re likely to ever get on our phones, so it will have to do. If you’ve updated to iOS 11 since its release in September, however, you’ve had to do without. Civ Rev 2 was one of the victims of the App-ocalypse, remaining 32-bit when it needed exactly twice that many bits. It took 2K Games three months to fix the problem, and today they updated Civ Rev 2 to be 64-bit complian,t meaning we can all redownload it at our leisure.

Civ Rev 2 plays much like many of the PC versions of the series, but dumbs it down enough so games don’t last 12 hours and completely drain your phone. There’s a tech tree, units, city improvements, wonders, exploration, warfare, all wrapped up in a cartoony graphical style.

The only real problem Civ Rev 2 has is that, every time I load it up, I realize I’d rather just wait until I can get to my laptop and play Civ VI instead. That’s not Civ Rev 2’s fault, and it’s not bad for what it does. If you are really jonesing for a Civ experience on the go, Civ Rev 2 will do the job.

This new update simply updates it to 64-bits so it will work with iOS 11. There are no other bells or whistles added, so if you loved playing the game but haven’t been able to since September, today’s your lucky day. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s only $10 for a fairly decent Civ game, which isn’t a bad deal.

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Notable Replies

  1. I thought the app-pocalypse already happened? Wouldn’t that mean that, theologically speaking, Civ Rev 2 was rAPPtured?

  2. rinelk says:

    Hey, if people didn’t like having stupid, ugly friends, I wouldn’t have any friends.

    Wait a minute…

  3. i remember we could never finish a single CIV Revolution game.
    we were always stopped in our tracks by game destroying bugs.
    but that was the original game, not CIV REV 2.

    so my question is: can anybody confirm that CIV REV 2 is free of bugs of that kind?
    and if so, is it still playable as async?

    if confirmative in both points i would like to play a game with Stately Friends :grin:

    i will be ready to buy the game then :smirk:

  4. js619 says:

    Wait, this is multiplayer? I always thought it was purely single…

  5. Last I knew, there was no multiplayer of any kind in this version. I don’t actually own it, though, for that reason. Maybe it has been updated?

  6. I just opened the app on my phone. Still no multi-player.

  7. That looks like some sort of Nixon/Kennedy Face/Off monster.

  8. what a bummer!
    so we once had an async multiplayer CIV Revolution game.
    but it was plagued by game destroying bugs.

    and then we got CIV REV 2. but the multiplayer part had been scrapped!? :flushed:
    that’s what i’d call a solid disappointment :disappointed_relieved:
    thanks for the answers!
    so no deal.

  9. Do not work on my iPad Pro 12.9’’ and iOS 11.
    It freeze during the initial animation

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