The Holy Roman Empire was whack.

Ever wanted to picture Franz Joseph as a bloodsucker? You can in VEmpire-The Kings of Darkness

iOS, PC/Mac/Linux (Early Access), Android (coming soon) •

My father was born in Austria and came to the US when he was a kid, which means I grew up with a rather inflated view of Austria’s importance to the rest of the world. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that Austria wasn’t the world power I had envisaged in my head and hadn’t been for nearly 100 years. Still, I’ve been over there to visit a few times and am heading back that way next year to visit once again. It’s a pretty neat place, but the Austria of Wolfgang Lueger’s vampire-themed deck-builder, VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness, seems a lot cooler.

VEmpire is the brainchild of the aforementioned Wolfgang Lueger, who not only developed and programed the game, but, apparently, has an issue with the Habsburgs. In this deck-builder all the Habsburgs (yes, even Sisi) are ravenous vampires hell bent on the destruction of your opponent’s empire.

Gameplay is turn-based, with you collecting cards on your turn and building up your empire while defending and attacking your neighbors. It’s a deck-builder in the vein of Ascension or Star Realms, only this one includes Maria Theresa with a mouth full of blood. Even the king of deck-builders, Dominion, doesn’t have one of those.

VEmpire includes more than 100 unique cards with amazing artwork in four factions!
All cards (vampires, locations, artifacts & spells) are drawn based on real historical characters, famous ancient buildings and gory battles!

VEmpire is playable solo vs. AI or online either against friends or via random matchups. Another positive is that VEmpire includes zero IAP with the promise that it never will. Thus, for your initial payment of $7 (or more if you’re into the Steam version), you’ll get everything VEmpire has to offer for all eternity or until the next App-ocalypse, whichever comes first.

VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness is available for iOS Universal or you can check it out in Early Access on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux. There’s also an Android version in the works, but no word on when that will land on Google Play.

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Notable Replies

  1. Austria was the superpower you envisioned last time I played Europa Universalis…

  2. I really need to figure out how to play EU. I’ve bought every version and many expansions with the intention of THIS being the time I’ll figure it out, and I try and stop halfway through the tutorials.

  3. I don’t know if I can claim to have ever actually learned how to play, but I sure could click around the menus a lot :grin:

  4. Seems like we already had a Vampire deck builder, namely Nightfall…a great game that never got the love

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