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Cublo starting Among the Stars beta test, looking for testers

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You remember Cublo Games, right? They’re the folks behind the digital version of one of my favorite board games, Martin Wallace’s Brass. Brass was released in late 2015 so, you might ask, what the hell have they been doing for the past 2+ years. Well, polishing Brass for one, but they’ve also been hard at work on another board game port, Among the Stars.

Among the Stars is a card drafting game. Think of 7 Wonders but in space. If that doesn’t do it for you, Among the Stars also gets rid of 7 Wonders’ somewhat vague and generic civilization building and replaces it with building a space station. Yes, you’re actually building something in this game that, at the end, you can sit back and be proud of. Or not. I’m usually not.

Despite the different result, the gameplay is similar. Take a card, pass your hand to the right or left, then everyone plays their card into their fledgling station. We’ve all been there and understand how drafting works, I think. Except you. You need to get on board. You know who you are.

Cublo’s digital version of Among the Stars is apparently nearing completion as today they tweeted the following:

So, if you’re interested in testing Among the Stars on either iOS or Android, go ahead and click here to sign up. Even if you’re not interested in testing, this should mean that we’re not too far away from having Among the Stars on our touchscreens, and more digital board games is always a good thing.

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