Iron Harvest lumbers onto Kickstarter

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Everyone is kickstarting something these days. You, me, this guy. But King Art Games are crowd-funding something rather special; an RTS based on the fire-and-steel pulp of Jakub Różalski‘s 1920+ world [This is the same setting you’ll find in the board game Scythe, as well as its upcoming digital port. -ed.]. Think pot-bellied, soot-blasting mechanica. Cast-iron monstrosities a continuation of Victorian pomp and Edwardian arms development. The Iron Harvest is upon us.

You may remember King Art Games from their tidy little Battle Isle-esque Battle Worlds: Kronos from a few years ago. When I heard their name in association with Różalski’s property, I rubbed my mitts together at the thought of a beautiful turn-based tactical effort. While going real-time made one pause warily for thought, trailers and footage have instead heaped coal into the furnace of desire.

You lead hero characters, mechs, and soldiers into battle. Cover mechanics and dynamic destruction play a major role in combat. Your squads take cover automatically, but a simple brick wall will only offer protection against small calibers, not against mech-mounted cannons.

Throughout its open sandbox levels you have to find your own way to reach the goals set by the dynamic story line.

Footage and the smattering of information drizzled out thus far speaks to a sort of superscience Men of War. And if this channels the defunct majesty of Gear Krieg (any Gear Krieg fans in the audience tonight? Anyone?), I’ll forgive and forget DP9 draining the diesel bowser on that one.

Keep your Pickelhaube donned, your eyes peeled and those wallets open if any of the above speaks to your greased metal hearts.

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