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Our old friend Onirim arises from its slumber

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Onirim was one of our favorite solo time-wasters last year which was impressive for two reasons. First, it was a really good year for games and, secondly, what the hell is Onirim? It wasn’t one of Asmodee Digital‘s highly touted releases and just kind of showed up one day in its nearly perfect form. Since its release Onirim only got better, adding new expansions and going free to download with no pesky F2P shenanigans on the side. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any news on the Onirim front, however. Yesterday Asmodee let everyone know that updates are on the way. Not only that, but they’re looking for testers to help get the updates out the door.

If you aren’t familiar, Onirim is a game that takes place in a dream world or some such nonsense where there are doors and keys and monsters and whatever. None of that makes any real difference. At its core, it’s a set collection card game in which you need to collect certain symbols and colors before other cards, Nightmares, appear and dash all your plans.

It’s all well done and polished and fits perfectly into that genre that includes gems like Card Crawl and Solitairica. The cardboard version has a ton of expansions that haven’t yet all appeared in digital form. Perhaps that will be changing soon:

Asmodee is looking for testers on both iOS and Android to help test out the new content, so head to Asmodee and log in with your Asmodee account. On the left side you’ll see a tab for “Beta Tests” that you can click and you’ll see Onirim (and other Asmodee titles) listed in there. Click away!

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Notable Replies

  1. Yes!

    Love this game. Happy to see new content being added.

  2. And Onirim has fallen asleep again.

    I did the beta test, they didn’t add any new content, just testing the newest (old) expansion.

    This game is well polished and really deserves to have all of the expansions. Okay, maybe an app doesn’t deserve anything. I deserve the expansions… We’ll okay. I WANT the expansions. Guess I’ll have to go and play them in real life. More shuffling.

    This is one of the four games I own both digitally and in cardboard.

  3. Agreed – this is a good implementation of a good solitaire game. I wonder if the ‘beta’ was a re-vamp to help them implement the other expansions?

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