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Warhammer Quest 2 (finally) arrives for Android

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While rumor had it that the sequel to 2013’s much praised Warhammer Quest would be arriving for Android on Wednesday, April 11, that ended up being a big, filthy LIE. Instead, early this morning (not April 11, btw), Warhammer Quest 2 from Perchang made its way to the Google Play store. Okay, so it was like an hour late. Whatever.

We all know and love Warhammer Quest and, I’m sure, Owen is somewhere in his byzantine underground bunker still playing it on his iPhone 4S. Warhammer Quest 2 arrived in late 2017 and was less acclaimed, mainly due to it lacking the difficulty of its predecessor. It was updated earlier this year to add the much-missed random encounters and all indications are that the update brought #2 very close to being #1.

The game was only available for iOS Universal until this morning when the Android version arrived. As anyone will tell you, I know less about Android than I do about the Treaty of Tordesillas, which is really saying something considering that I’m neither Spanish nor Portuguese and I attended public schools in the US. As such, I have no idea what Android devices will run the game. I can tell you that it seems to run on a bevy of different iOS devices, so hopefully it runs on the majority of Android thingees, too, and this post isn’t a complete waste of time.

So, if you’re an Android user, head on over to Google Play and pick it up. The Android version has everything the iOS version has, which means there’s a lot of IAP but it all adds more and more content so it ain’t all bad.

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Notable Replies

  1. Was beta testing it on my Google Pixel, ran like a dream and the UI elements weren’t too tiny (at least for my taste).

    Never got the chance to play WHQ1, but I’m quite enjoying 2 so far. Maybe it’s the ex goth in me, but having a Vampire and a Dark Elf is definitely my idea of a good starting party for a fantasy game.

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