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Remember Feud? This time its beta is really happening

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Another week, another post about a mobile beta. Sigh. I don’t know what’s happening, but I know that the next few months there’s going to be an explosion of goodness oozing out of the App Store’s pores. This week (and I’m sure there will be more as the week goes on…we’ve become Betas-R-Us) we have an abstract that hasn’t gotten enough coverage: Feud.

Feud is the brainchild of the amusingly monikered Bearwaves who are known for other abstract gems like…um…well, actually Feud is their first big title but early reviews have been glowing. Who doesn’t like a quick-playing, brain-burning, 2-player abstract? Losers, that’s who. Losers.

Feud is a chess-like abstract that takes place on a 4×4 board with each player having pieces that have different special abilities and stuff. Pretty great explanation, eh? If you weren’t impressed, watch the gameplay trailer at the bottom of the post. That should clear everything right up. Uh-huh.

Last time we spoke about Feud, I announced that beta signups were open and then realized I screwed up and they weren’t. Well, today, they are. Really. I double checked.

This means that, if you have TestFlight installed, you can apply for the beta here and they’ll send you an TestFlight invite. Accept and start testing.

That’s not the only news in Bearwaves land, however. The app has been updated for all platforms (PC/Mac/Linux and Android) and can be picked up here if you want to try it out. Also, they’re nearly done going through all the Steam red tape, and should be able to get a version up into Early Access there soon.

They also included some news about where they’re going next. Of particular note to the Stately Play crowd would be bullet point #4. Sign up and shout it from the rooftops.

  • Our Steam partner account is in the approval process right now! This means we can get started on Steam integration really soon. We’ll have more to share about this in the near future.
  • Cross-platform login is pretty high on our list. This will mean you can log into the same Feud account on all your devices.
  • Feudmojis are coming. Not sure what those are? You’ll find out soon enough.
  • We’re currently evaluating the possibility of having an async play mode. This would mean players could make moves as slowly as once a day, and wouldn’t need to be online at the same time. If this sounds like something you’d like, please let us know!
  • Some other things on our roadmap include:
    • A settings menu
    • A stats screen
    • Ranked play
    • Unlockables
    • Game Center/Google Play Games integration

Get testing and let’s get async in this thing, okay?

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Notable Replies

  1. js619 says:

    I’m in the beta, and it’s pretty darn good. The aggressive AI is an idiot, but the defensive can give you a little bit of trouble if you’re not careful. I’m impressed so far.

  2. Pitta says:

    I’m impressed as well (also in the beta as SirPitta, you know what to do :P) but it screams async.

  3. js619 says:

    JHS619, since it made me do 6 characters…

  4. Pitta says:

    Feel free to ping me on Twitter when you fancy a game (beware, I suck)!!!

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