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Potion Explosion adds a 5th Ingredient; Hostage Negotiator adds new baddie

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I’m anything but an expert traveler, but I feel worldly enough to share this one travel tip: when using Airbnb, double check that the apartment you’re moving into has WiFi. If you’re wondering where I’ve  been this week, I basically failed to follow this rule and have been unable to post due to being in an apartment sans internet since Monday. “But there are tons of places with WiFi in Vienna!” I can hear you screaming. This is true, but I’m traveling with my father who doesn’t view writing as a “real job” and therefore has little patience for me to whip out my laptop when we’re sitting at a cafe. I’m learning he has little patience in regards to just about everything, actually. It’s been a fun couple of weeks. Anyway, there has been activity on the App Store, so I’m going to try to post something while we’re on the train to Salzburg. It may be brief because the WiFi on the train isn’t great and it’s only a 2 hour ride, but at least you know that I’m still alive. As for our WiFi-free apartment, we move out on Saturday to a new apartment and, yes, I checked that it has WiFi. Next week should be far more productive.

First of all, Asmodee is in the news because of course they are. They can’t go 24 hours without making some noise, so missing three days hasn’t been ideal. The biggest news out of Asmodee this week surrounds Potion Explosion and an expansion, The 5th Ingredient, released today as IAP. The 5th Ingredient expansion adds a new color that acts as a wild as well as four new potion recipes. There are also new professors who you have to please to earn bonus points. I’m not sure why I’m explaining all this when there’s a sweet blurb I could just cut/paste:

The Fifth Ingredient expansion is now available!

  • A new ingredient: the wildcard Ghost Ectoplasm
  • Four completely new potions.
  • Six professors to use as game modifiers: combine them and create new rule sets.
  • A new tutorial and updated manual to discover the new content.
  • New achievements for the Fifth Ingredient content.
  • A new stage with new music, background, and flasks!

If you’re a fan of Potion Explosion this is probably a no-brainer. More is always better, right? If you’re on the fence about Potion Explosion, you should know that the base game has dropped to $1 so now might be the time to give it a go. The 5th Ingredient expansion is available via IAP for $2.

In the non-Asmodee news we’ve missed, Hostage Negotiator from the one-man powerhouse, Peter Kossits, has also been updated and expanded. In fact, it’s been updated a couple times and we didn’t cover the last addition back in April, either. I have no excuses for that other than the fact that I suck, which shouldn’t be surprising.

I’m going to combine the two updates into one blurb because I’m cool that way:

  • Added Rolph and Dolph initial in-app purchase.
  • Added Lt. Jackson villain as in-app purchase
  • Bug fix: Against Ed Quinn game was not ending if threat moved directly to K during pivotal event
  • Bug fix: With 6 conversation points to spend, the Buy Card button in zoom dialog was staying enabled when 7 and 8 cost cards were moved to the center.
  • Bug Fix: Against Connor, game was not ending automatically if his special effect was still active and 4 cards were played in Final Conversation.
  • Bug Fix: Dice will no longer appear under deck card-count numbers when they pass over or land on top of them.

So, we have a handful of new bad guys to buy via IAP and a slew of bug fixes to make this solo co-op game even better.

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