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First glimpse of Forest of Shadows for One Deck Dungeon appears

iPad, Android tablets, PC/Mac/Linux •

Considering that Handelabra‘s digital port of One Deck Dungeon is so damn good, it only stood to reason that we’d eventually be seeing the stand-alone expansion, Forest of Shadows, make its way into the app. Earlier this morning we got a confirmation of the digital expansion from none other than the designer and head of Asmadi himself, Chris Cieslik. Not only that, but he sent us our first image of the expansion in action. Well, almost in action. It’s the selection screen, but it’s still cool.

Not a lot more to say on this (can you tell I’m on vacation?) so I’ll just leave the Tweet here for your consumption:

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Notable Replies

  1. It’s cool to get a full expansion so soon, but I’m annoyed by the way the devs have handled the content so far. Having new heroes and dungeons available so soon after release suggests that content was ready to go (or close to it) at launch, and Handelabra/Asmadi just wanted to squeeze a few more bucks out of us for IAP.

  2. js619 says:

    I like this game a lot, just wish they’d port it to iPhone already. It’d get a lot more play as a casual single player game on my phone than iPad…

  3. Just picked up base game and loving it.

    Having more luck with two heroes rather than one.

    Will one day graduate from novice!!!

  4. After a few solo games I’ve been sticking to 2 hero games. I can level up faster and there are more variety of actions. Which make the encounters easier. I mainly played on Standard but have played a few on Veteran once the heroes had leveled up.

    The thing is, once I leveled up all the heroes and beat all the bosses I’ve not been interested in playing very much more. The leveling up has made the game much easier. I’m not planning on getting the DLC, but will likely be interested in Forest of Shadows.

  5. Interesting! In the rules it reckons you can “prestige” you toons by filling in their caharacter sheet.

    Also haven’t bought DLC, but not against the idea.

    Need to graduate from Novice :slight_smile:

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