Storm, Stone, and Salt – Sunless Sea: Zubmariner coming to PS4

There’s this obscure thing in gaming where some people, instead of or in addition to playing games on their a proper personal computer or mobile communications device, as HAL intended, attach things that look like gussied-up Blu-ray players to their home televisions and play “console games” on them. Well, some of these “console gamers” are in for quite a surprise, as the kind folks at Failbetter Games are bringing the best video and computer game of all time, Sunless Sea, complete with the Zubmariner expansion to a gaming console called the ソニー株式会社 プレイステーション 四,  roughly translated as “Sony Playstation Quatro,” and sometimes affectionately referred to as the “PS4.”

Now that the most noteworthy game in the history of gaming as-such is available on this niche platform, I may have to pick one up, if I can find a retailer that stocks them. Of course, this is excellent news for the makers of the PS4, as they will likely have to increase production several times over to keep up with demand. Previous to this, PS4 gamers have only had access to second-string titles like the Madden series of American Rugby games and something called “Horizon Zero Dawn,” whereas… [sorry folks, it looks like “Tof” is suffering from some sort of cerebral hemorrhage – or maybe their humor module is acting up again. We’ve given them a good shaking, then propped them up at their keyboard with a flat white, that usually fixes things. – ed]

…well, if I ran the zoo, everyone would be playing Sunless Sea. I’ve been told it’s impossible, but Zubmariner Edition coming to PS4 gives me renewed hope that we’ll eventually get our zubmarines on iPad. Or maybe on Switch? I will totally buy this game again if they release the Zubmariner Edition for Nintendo Switch. I’d even buy it on cartridge, and the average Switch cartridge runs about NZ$100 – do you know how may flat whites that is? At least 22. Twenty-two flat whites. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for dinner, a flat white and Zzoup. I’ll see you at zee, zubmariners… unless the zee sees you first.

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