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Warhammer Quest 2 adds new warriors and goes on the cheap

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Warhammer Quest 2 arrived as a bit of a problem child, but attention paid to it by its creator, Perchang, since then has turned it into a respectable member of App Store society. That’s a really clunky and sad metaphor, so let me rephrase. Warhammer Quest 2 wasn’t as beloved as the first entry when it arrived, but Perchang has turned it into the belle of the ball via updates and expansion content since then. Still clunky, but I think you get point. Today they added more content to the game in the form of two new warriors which you can buy via IAP. To help offset the price, however, they’ve also discounted the base game so, if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on WHQ2, now’s a pretty good time.

The two new warriors willing to join your stable of do-gooders (who am I kidding, everyone is Warhammer is way to cool to be considered a do-gooder) are the Witch Hunter and Bretonnian Knight which are, I assume, things that make Warhammer fans happy?

Let’s chat about this Bretonnian Knight fellow first, mainly because I’m trying to limit how many times I can mess up and type Witch Doctor instead of Witch Hunter. If you’re counting along at home, that’s 1.

Bound by his code of chivalry, the Bretonnian Knight travels the land, battling the toughest foes he can find. Using his “Riposte” skill he will interrupt and attack any enemy attempting to strike him in melee combat, making him a truly formidable opponent.

So, he’s a knight. Great, now I have to look up what the hell Bretonnian means…oh my god, I just googled it and nearly feel down the bottomless well that is Warhammer knowledge on the internet. That was close.

Let’s talk Witch Doctor Hunter shall we? [that would be 2 -ed.]

Cold and discerning, with one goal on his mind. The Witch Hunter will go to all lengths in his quest to eradicate Chaos. Plunging into dungeons armed with pistol and rapier, the Witch Hunter is equally deadly at range and in close combat. Using his “Accusation” skill, he cleanses targets with holy fire, weakening them for an easy kill.

Nice of him to cleanse his enemies before killing them, I guess. The Witch Doctor Hunter [3. It’s almost like he’s doing it on purpose -ed.] might just be the nicest hero on the team.

You can pick up each of these new heroes for $3/each in the in-game store. There’s also over 20 new armors, weapons, and other items for these heroes now strewn about the lands of [look up Warhammer lore and paste here].

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into WHQ2, you can pick up the base game for only $1 through the weekend. That’s 4 heroes and over 10 hours of play for a single gold coin, which is a pretty nice deal.

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