I think we can all agree that the locksmiths in Grimvalor are overachievers.

Just a friendly reminder that Grimvalor arrives tomorrow

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With our limited time for posting these days, I usually don’t post about the same game twice unless there’s something special about it. You know what I mean, it’s a Playdek or CGE release or a AAA game that managed to make its way to the App Store. Your standard weekly App Store releases are usually a one-and-done here on the blog [and then only when Dave can get his fat butt to actually sit up and write about them -ed.]. We’re breaking this rule today to remind you of the imminent release of Grimvalor for iOS. Don’t like the added attention this action-RPG is getting? Blame Pitta.

If you’re unaware, Pitta is one of our readers that has been with us since the beginning. “Beginning” not being when SP opened its doors in 2016, no, I’m talking about being one of the founding members on Pocket Tactics back when the entire shebang was run by Owen and Owen alone. I wasn’t even a twinkle in Owen’s eye back then and, now that I typed that, it sounds pretty gross. Anyway, he’s been around forever and we can usually count on Pitta’s opinion matching up fairly well with ours. Thus, when Pitta is more excited about a game than I can ever remember, we take notice. Grimvalor is just such a game. Actually not a game, a “masterpiece”.

That should get you curious enough to seek out a download, pronto. If you’re still not sold, let’s take a look at what Grimvalor is bringing to the table. What we have here is an action-RPG with a gritty, gloomy Dark Souls vibe. What sets it apart from the get-go is its look. It’s fully 3D and uses Metal graphics, making it the most visually stunning game I’ve seen on an iPhone. It’s not all pretty graphics, though.

A malicious power stirs in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris. Tasked with discovering the fate of its lost king, your quest quickly takes a sinister turn and you are cast into darkness. Surrounded and outnumbered, you must grab your sword, steel your temper and fight your way through a land that does not welcome you. Except for the friendly merchant – he’s grateful for your business.


  • Thrilling action: Fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay with dashes, dodges and special attacks.
  • Dangerous bosses: Skill-based combat where learning enemy patterns is the key.
  • A vast explorable world: Atmospheric environments from dark caves and ruined castles to snowy mountaintops.
  • Character progression: RPG-based character progression incorporating character equipment and leveling up.
  • Designed for mobile: Controls tailored for touch screens and with full MFi gamepad support.
  • Story-driven premium game: Experience the full game with no additional costs.

Those of you who have been around since the good ol’ days are probably good with Pitta’s recommendation, but the rest of you should know that you get all this for $6 and there’s no IAP anywhere to be found. For skipping crappy monetezation schemes alone, Direlight Games should get a pat on the back (and, probably, your $6). Take a look at the trailer below to see it in action, then follow the link to the App Store where you’ll find a pre-order or, if you wait a few hours, an active link to start downloading.

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Notable Replies

  1. js619 says:

    10/10 will buy anything @Pitta deems “glorious” (caveat emptor, he’s not shy about using the phrase :slight_smile:)

    eta: not out in the US App Store as of 1630 EST

  2. Pitta says:

    Thanks for the trust, hope people like the game as I did!
    Not sure it’s the typical game for this website odience but it’s an awesome action adventure platformer (with emphasis on action).
    Think Swordigo (it’s from same devs) meets Dark Souls.
    Very dark and mysterious setting (sure at least for first hours) that you’ll unravel in about 20 hours (took me 23 to 100% the game).

  3. I’ve really gotten into Dead Cells on the Switch, so I’m kind of in a platform-y mood these days. Really looking forward to trying it out tonight.

  4. If you’ve never played it, track down a copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Gaming perfection.

  5. js619 says:

    This. Is. SO. Good.

  6. Are there any rpg elements?

  7. univac says:

    How are the touch controls? Are you going to be miserable without a controller?

  8. js619 says:

    Yes to RPG elements, @Mirefox ; you level your character based on a currency the mobs drop, which interestingly enough, is also used for buying health potions and trinkets and whatnot - makes for a nice dilemma in upgrade vs buy stuff.

    When leveling, you get three points to put into four different stats, making your character work a little differently - fast and high crit vs slow and high stun chance, etc. There’s also different weapons and armor to equip. In terms of chatting with NPCs and that aspect of rpg, not so much - talk to a random character once in a blue moon, get a quest to go here, go there, kill this thing. Go kill stuff.

    @univac Touch controls are the best I’ve experienced in a game like this, and I’m by no means a quick platformer kind of guy. Well laid out and I think there’s an option to remap them if you feel the need. I haven’t so far, as the default setup seems to work well on my iPhone. iPad was a little unruly to hold and might be better suited to a mFi controller (which I have but haven’t felt the need to use yet).

    It does sync between devices, which is nice too.

  9. I normally do not buy these types of games on iOS, but I have been yearning for a Metroidvania game for a bit now and even though this isn’t exactly it, I’m a slave to my impulses and will probably hit “buy” when I get home. Of course, if I enjoy it, I’ll probably end up buying Dust and Forma.8 and Dandara and every other similar game on the store so < sarcasm> thanks a lot < /sarcasm>.

  10. Pitta says:

    Not helping but Dust:Elysian tail is GLORIOUS as well, and I loved forma.8 (probably the most ‘metroidvania’ of the lot).
    Didn’t buy Dandara.

    Buy them all :stuck_out_tongue:

  11. What platforms can I buy it for? Is it an old NES Game? Probably dumb questions, but the last Castlevania game I played was on the NES somewhere around 1988.

  12. The X Box has it and the PS4 will be getting it in a couple weeks. I think every other Sony system in he past has had it. It was originally a PS1 game and though it bears the Castlevania name, it isn’t all that similar to the originals on the Nintendo systems. If there is one game that epitomizes the “metroidvania” label, it is Symphony of the Night. I haven’t played it recently though I plan on picking up the PS4 port. I have no doubt that gameplay and sound have held up over the years but the graphics will certainly look old at this point.

  13. I haven’t tried it on my phone, but it’s great with a mFi controller on the iPad. I honestly forgot about my controller until I saw your post—inspired me to get the controller out and buy the game.

  14. Any platforms I own? :slight_smile:

  15. Sounds like a no, then.

  16. I may need to branch out

  17. Grimvalor is definitely a battery hog on my 6+…

  18. js619 says:

    Really? I’m not surprised, but just the other day I was kind of marveling at how well my XS handled it.

  19. You have a nice new phone that probably optimized everything better or has a better battery or something.

  20. js619 says:

    Yup… love the iPhone upgrade program. This game, however… FML, this thing is hard!

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