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Asmodee wants you to Spot It! in 2017

Over the past few years the French board game publisher Asmodee has played the role of Pac Man with the rest of the tabletop industry being small white dots. Publishers like Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight, and F2Z Media have all fallen under the Asmodee umbrella. One benefit for us is they seem intent on porting as many of their titles to digital as possible. Colt Express, Potion Explosion, and Mysterium are all planned for release before the New Year and they also just announced that Spot It! will be coming to digital in early 2017.

Spot It! is a rather simple game of recognizing patterns. Cards are covered with symbols and it’s your job to locate the one symbol that appears on both cards. Somehow, they’ve ensured that every two cards have one and only one symbol in common which sounds like math wizardry, but I’m guessing you mathematicians out there are screaming at me that it’s all very simple. As someone who has issues helping his 11 year-old do his math homework, I’ll recuse myself from the discussion.

Spot It! will be available for both iOS and Android in early 2017 and will include new modes for both solo and multiplayer play. It will have asynchronous online multiplayer, which should be interesting as the tabletop version is kind of a race to see the matching symbols first.

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  1. I hadn’t realized they had bought up Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight.

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