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Guild of Dungeoneering set to expand with Ice Cream Headaches

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Yes, I know it’s terribly flawed, but one of my favorite time wasters of 2016 was Gambrinous’ dungeon-builder-crawler, Guild of Dungeoneering. Featuring a combat mechanism that could have become rote, but instead was kept interesting via deck building and the promise of unlocking more stuff, GoD was one of my most played titles of the year. The problem came when there was no more stuff to find. Eventually the map is cleared and every new room in your guild has been built. Luckily, Gambrinous has kept adding new content starting with last year’s Pirate’s Cove and their latest expansion, Ice Cream Headaches, coming this week.

Ice Cream Headaches has been available for the PC/Mac version of GoD for a bit, but it should be coming for the mobile version this week according to Pocket Gamer. Like the previous expansion, it will be free for existing owners of the app. After its release, the price of the app will increase by $1, so latecomers will have to pay a little more to get the entire package.

Ice Cream Headaches adds an entire new area to explore and 24 new equipment cards to discover and add to your dungeoneers’ decks. There are also 30 new monsters to uncover and a new mechanism called Favor that will allow you to earn favor with the fates depending on what happens on certain tiles.

What it doesn’t bring are new additions to your guild, which was my favorite part of the game. I loved unlocking new characters and abilities. Feel like an ungrateful wretch complaining because we’re only getting new equipment, monsters, and dungeons to explore, but here I am, ungratefully wretching. I’ll get over it, probably as soon as I load it up and start exploring the new content.

According to Pocket Gamer, the expansion should be dropping on February 8th, so not too long to wait.

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