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Star Realms creator back on Kickstarter with Epic Card Game

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Getting an original CCG up and running on the App Store isn’t as easy as it sounds. Just ask Stone Blade how tough it was getting SolForge to actually make them any money. That’s not stopping White Wizard Games from trying with their Epic Card Game. Already available in cardboard form, the digital version is now on Kickstarter and should be making its way to our phones this autumn. For backers, however, you can play it much, much sooner.

Unlike many other new CCGs that pop up, I fully expect White Wizard to succeed with Epic. Not only have they shown some panache bringing their other card games, Star Realms and Cthulhu Realms, to digital, but Epic isn’t your standard CCG. In fact, I’m not really sure it’s a CCG at all. Instead of buying random boosters, Epic gives you all the cards currently available and lets you build whatever deck you want without having to search down that ultra-rare offering.

The digital version does the same, only better. With the cardboard version you get a limited number of cards per pack. Sure, you’ll get every card made, but only 1-2 copies. In the digital version, you’ll get all the cards as they’re released and unlimited copies of them.

The digital version offers both online asynchronous and real-time play, as well as a single-player campaign mode and will give players the option to draft their own decks or begin with preconstructed ones.

  • Unlimited Copies of all 120 Cards in the Base Set
  • No Random Packs (Get a set for one low price and own every card!)
  • Purchase Once, Unlocks On All Four Platforms
  • Single Player Campaign Mode
  • Tutorial
  • Online Asynchronous Play
  • Online Real-time Play*
  • Dark Draft
  • Random 30 (Sealed)
  • Constructed
  • Beginner Decks (AKA Preconstructed Decks)
  • Deck Builder
  • Friends List*
  • Challenge Friends
  • Play Against Random Epic Players Around the World
  • Ranked Heads-up Games*
  • Leagues*
  • Tournaments*
  • World Championship Qualifiers*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Tyrants Expansion*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Uprising Expansion*
  • In-app Currency (Event Tickets)*
  • Cosmetic Upgrades (Alt-Art Cards, Avatars, Digital Playmats)*
  • Campaign Upgrades (Additional Maps, Character Abilities, Etc.)*
  • And More (The best ideas from you, our backers, will be added as app features!)*

All those asterisks indicate that those features are expected for beta, but aren’t implemented into the alpha yet. Everything without an asterisk is working right now. Why would you care? Because if you back the Kickstarter–which is already well past its funding goal and knocking down stretch goals left and right–you can start playing the alpha next month. That’s a pretty good deal considering the rest of the world would have to wait until this autumn to do the same.

Similar to Star Realms and Cthulhu Realms, White Wizard has implemented a “buy one, unlock all” model meaning if you get Epic Card Game on any device, you’ll be able to play it for free on all your other devices. It’s pretty slick, and I keep waiting for other developers to copy them. No takers thus far.

Head on over to the Kickstarter and check it out. Tons of information over there, and you might just get the urge to hit the Pledge button.

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