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You want Scythe details? We have Scythe details

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Last week, big news ’round these parts was the announcement that the farming/war board game, Scythe, was coming to digital. At the time all we had was a little art and a rough release date of 2017. Using the bat-computer, I was able to log into every cell phone in Gotham and track down the developers, The Knights of Unity. Using an elaborate scheme that involved getting arrested and surgically implanting a cell phone bomb into one of my lackeys, I was able to get some face time with Sir Lucas, one of the aforementioned Knights. If you’re wondering what the hell’s wrong with me, I also rewatched The Dark Knight yesterday. That’s on top of the staggering mental deficiencies you’re already aware of, so it should all make sense now. Sort of.

The first question we were unable to answer last Friday concerned platforms. We can now confirm that the current plan is to include PC, iOS, and Android. This isn’t from the developers, but from the main Scythe guru himself, Jamey Stegmaier.

As for gameplay, it will follow the tabletop rules exactly. Nothing will be changed in the digital version. The game will feature a 3D map and models for the mechs and characters. There will be both solo play vs. an AI as well as multiplayer, both the pass-and-play and asynchronous online variety.

Apart from the new info, they also sent along some screens that really make the world of Scythe look alive. Plant your eyeballs on these beauties and hopefully they can tide you over until we get more info, and hopefully a release date.

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Notable Replies

  1. js619 says:

    Those screenshots are beautiful - fingers crossed they do a decent job with the multiplayer aspect (I’m glaring at you, 1775…)

  2. Not sure how multiplayer will work in terms of connecting and matchmaking, but I did just confirm that multiplayer will be asynchronous. Yay!

  3. This really does look incredible. Haven’t played the cardboard, is it any good?

  4. Two plays by me … and I enjoyed both of them. Plus they played out differently. I wondered if the play would become rote but seems not. Not much combat in either game … but the threat of it was a big consideration. Also both games were competitive with close finishes

    Definitely a case of so far so good … and definitely interested in the app.

  5. I’ve finished 6 in-person games.
    Really fun to play.
    The first phase is primarily internally-focused. How do I optimize my workers and achieve certain goals. Then once you expand to encounter your neighbors you need to start taking their movements and priorities into account. Then, at the end, it’s not as much about dominating your opponent as it is controlling territory and achieving any last minute objectives. It’s a nicely balanced design that allows you to progressively integrate new information rather than all at once.

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