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inkle Studios announces next project, Heaven’s Vault

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With their game-changing take at Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery!, and their globe-trotting mega-adventure, 80 Days, inkle Studios has yet to swing and miss. As such, we’ve been waiting patiently (mostly) to see what they might be working on next. The wait is over. Yesterday at GDC inkle announced their next project and, unsurprisingly, it looks completely unique. It’s called Heaven’s Vault and is coming to mobile, PC, and consoles.

Heaven’s Vault is a mix between an interactive novel and adventure game, so kind of like 80 Days. That said, it looks nothing like the adventures of Phileas Fogg and, instead, resembles an animated feature.

The game takes place in The Nebula, a collection of rivers that carry air and water between moons. You play as Aliya, an archeologist, who’s searching for antiquities in The Nebula’s oldest ruins and the story goes from there. Apart from the obvious inspiration from Indiana Jones, they’ve also drawn from novelists like Raymond Chandler and Gene Wolfe, interactive adventures like The Last Express, and the open-world flavor of games like The Witcher 3.

No word on when we might expect to see Heaven’s Vault on our tablets, but it sounds like they still have a lot of work to do. Apart from mobile, the game will also be available on PC/Mac and consoles.

We’ll let you know if/when we get more information and, hopefully, a trailer to see the game in action.


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