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The patches are coming! 1775: Rebellion updated to version 2.0

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As a huge fan of the tabletop version, 1775: Rebellion was one of my most anticipated board game ports in 2016. When it launched in November, it managed to capture the light brilliance of its forebear, but as Matt mentioned in his review, was a bit subpar in terms of AI and other glitches here and there. Fear not, fellow gamers, for HexWar has been on the case and has just released a massive update to the PC/Mac version that will soon also be coming to the App Store.

Version 2.0 of 1775 covers much of what irked Matt so many months ago. It revamps the AI, adds better camera functionality, and more. There’s also a new scenario added that’s free for PC/Mac users and will be available via IAP for iOS and Android.

Improved AI
The AI opponent for the main 1775 scenario and also the short version has been vastly improved. We’ve also tweaked the Quebec AI to make it more challenging.

Better Camera
The camera has been changed so it now moves smoother. Also when you zoom in, it now moves towards where you are pointing the mouse to, so you can focus in on areas of the map with ease.

Game Manual Additions
We’ve added an example of Movement and a Battle to help players who are new to the game understand the mechanics.

New Scenario
A new “Southern Theatre” scenario is now available as free DLC on the PC and Mac. Note this scenario will also be available as paid DLC on iOS and Android soon. The rules for the new scenario are also updated in the in-game manual so you could also play it on the board game as well.

Scenario Overview
The year is 1781. The British have taken control of Savannah and Charles Town, scattering the American Continental in the area army. The rest of the American forces chase the Native Americans out of the Tennessee area (western NC). A large force of British regulars and Hessian units, commanded by Cornwallis sweep through Virginia waiting on commands to take York (Yorktown). Marquis de Lafayette and his French soldiers are aiding the Americans gather force in Virginia to try to pin down the British and wait for the French fleets to arrive to contest the seas.

The update is currently only available for the PC/Mac version, but will be coming to iOS and Android in the next week or so. If you haven’t picked up the PC/Mac version, HexWar is also offering a 20% off discount if you order through the HexWar site. Enter the code ‘1775SALE’ at checkout to get the discount, but hurry as it will only last until the 19th.

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