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Galaxy Trucker celebrating ITTD with a new mission, more

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If someone pinned me down, held a gun to my head and asked me to name the best mobile board game port ever created, I would have to say Galaxy Trucker (unless the person holding the gun to my head was Strangiato, in which case the answer is definitely Twilight Struggle). It manages to bring the feel of the tabletop version to the touchscreen while adding great single player and multiplayer extras that you just couldn’t do with a cardboard version. One of those tweaks is happening this weekend in celebration of International Tabletop Day. Czech Games Edition has added a new mission in which you can win real, cardboard copies of their games as well as putting the app on sale through Monday.

Between now and Monday, there’s a new mission in which you can load up your ramshackle spacecraft with copies of CGE games instead of the usual crates of unobtainium. Somehow (and this part isn’t quite clear), three winners will be picked over the weekend to win a copy of one of the CGE titles they have on their ship. I’m guessing the legal mumbo jumbo and methods to victory are explained in the app, so I’d go there and load up a mission and see what happens.

As I mentioned, the game is also on sale. Seriously, if you don’t own Galaxy Trucker you owe it to yourself to pick it up now. And it’s not just the game that’s on sale, the expansion is cheap this weekend as well. You can get both for $3/each (unless you have a Windows Phone in whi…oh, wait, that doesn’t really apply to anyone, does it?)

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Notable Replies

  1. I really need to get back to playing this. I stalled in the campaign and unfortunately my friend I played online with was having a lot of trouble getting it.

  2. Does anyone know where this mission is? I’ve looked far and wide on the internet as well as within the app and I can see the news bulletin about it. So, it’s probably right under my nose but I’m not finding it there either…

  3. Its a multiplayer mission. Go to online multiplayer and it’s an option.

  4. Ah, so it is, thanks! Now I just have to find my mustache and I’ll be ready to play.

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