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You asked for it, Age of Rivals has gone offline

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When Age of Rivals launched for iOS last week, I’m not sure anyone saw just how damn good it was going to be. Sure, I’d played it on my laptop a bit, but it took a tablet version for me to really start digging into it and realizing that the design is brilliant. Even more surprising is the lack of complaints from other users. Not to say gamers can be a picky lot, but there’s always something that the dev didn’t do right. The only complaint I’ve heard about Age of Rivals is that it requires an online connection, even when you’re playing the AI. In what might be the quickest response to a complaint by a developer ever, the always-online component is now history.

We’ve already talked a bunch about Age of Rivals, so I don’t really want to rehash our previous conversations. If you’re new to this, check out our previous coverage or, better yet, our review.

Instead, I really just wanted to get the word out that developer Roboto Games is on the ball, and has already updated the Steam and Android version to be offline. The iOS update has been submitted to Apple and will go live as soon as Cupertino gives the a-okay.

We’re still far, far away from any sort of end-of-year awards, but Roboto Games is doing their damnedest to clinch the nomination in June. You can still pick up Age of Rivals on mobile for $1, but the price is going up tomorrow so if you’re waiting (WHY???) you don’t want to wait much longer. Getting AoR for $1 is, quite literally, a steal.

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Notable Replies

  1. I have a flight to Hawaii coming up soon; this is great news!

  2. I don’t get the appeal for this game. But I have a flight from NY to CA coming up, and I plan to finally figure out how to play Twilight Struggle, which I Kickstarted and have never played.

  3. js619 says:

    iOS update is out.

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