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Under cover of darkness, new Card Thief content sneaks onto the App Store

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In our review of Card Thief earlier this year, our only major beef with the game was “trash loot”. Many of the chest would be mostly (or completely) filled with loot that did nothing. It was pure garbage and didn’t have any in-game value whatsoever. The first major update for Card Thief landed today with the biggest news being that Tinytouchtales solved the problem of trash loot.

The new update includes 10 new thieves that want to join your guild, but there are only three available at any given time. I guess the rest are off at the Thieves’ Ball, partying it up with Garrett and Imoen. You use the trash loot found in regular castle runs to unlock these new burglars, each with their own special abilities and powers, and then use them to climb the leaderboards. You’ll only have the services of each thief for 24 hours after you hire them so you’ll want to unlock one and figure out all the subtleties of their abilities so you can get the highest score possible before unlocking another.

When the 24 hours are up, that thief heads out for a well-deserved nap and you can unlock new thieves so all that trash loot is never wasted. Here, let’s let Tinytouchtales explain:

Meet 10 new thieves each with a new unique gameplay rule in the hideout.
Each day 3 different thieves are available and you can compete with other players
on a 24h contract. In addition to that we replaced the trash loot cards with stolen goods,
changed a few gameplay rules and added a replay system for the Daily Heist.

What’s new?

+ Added: The hideout with 10 new thieves
+ Added: Stolen Goods
+ Added: Replays for the Daily Heist
+ Added: Chest cards for Daily and Contract
+ Changed: Blinded enemies are always free to sneak past
+ Changed: The rope arrow won’t attract enemies
+ Changed: Owls can’t be shadow stepped
+ Fixed: Blind effect is cancelled when attracted by Noise-Arrow
+ Fixed: Cloud save conflict state
+ Fixed: several smaller bugs and issue

The update is live right now on both iOS and Android, and the new content is free when you update.

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