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Bottom of the 9th gets a call-up to the big leagues

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It was three years ago that Handelabra came out of nowhere and blew us away with the digital take on Sentinels of the Multiverse, a card game so fiddly that it was begging for a digital version. Since then, they’ve managed to incorporate just about every promo card and expansion available in the real world meaning news on the Sentinels front has been somewhat quiet lately (unless you’re a variant hunter, that is). Instead, Handelabra has focused on their new port, a digital retelling of Greater Than Games‘ one inning baseball duel, Bottom of the 9th. It’s been on iOS and Android since August, but today it made the jump to the big leagues: Steam.

Yep, Bottom of the 9th is now available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. If you wanted to make animated meeples swing bats, pitch, and run all while sitting in the office, now you can! Much like the mobile version, you can play the Steam version against AI or online in real-time matches against friends. Don’t let the real-time aspect scare you off too much, games last only a few minutes and the mechanisms of the game don’t lend themselves to waiting between turns. Online play is cross-platform, so you can play PC vs. Android, Android vs. iOS, or…well, you get it.

While overall gameplay is fairly simple, the real fun comes from picking your teams from a list of players each with their own quirks and abilities. While it may seem like a luck-filled filler (and it is), there is a tiny bit of strategy as you plan for the 9th inning matchup.

Also included in this version–and coming in the 1.2 update to mobile–is a new single-player campaign called Manager’s Challenge. Let’s blurb this thing:

The highlight of this release is the brand new Manager’s Challenge single-player campaign mode. Players take the role of team manager to lead their team to the playoffs over a six game homestand. A variety of scenarios modify the game in several ways including pinch hitting, weather effects, and expanding the game to cover several innings. The Manager’s Challenge expands on the many versus modes already included in the game. Players can compete in single player against computer opponents or pass and play with a friend. Online game modes include ranked matchmaking, casual exhibition games, and directly challenging friends.

  • Play six game solo campaigns as the home team against a revolving cast of pitchers.
  • Compete in nine different game situations, including multiple inning games.
  • Each campaign game is played using one of six effect cards that change the feel of the game.
  • The Manager’s Challenge can be played in Classic Mode (using a Pitcher’s Deck of stare-down cards) or against any level of CPU opponent.
  • Four increasing levels of difficulty will put your management and batting skills to the test!
  • Earn up to 11 achievements and compete with others on 8 leaderboards for the solo campaign mode.

If that’s not enough, the game is also on sale during launch for 15% off. You can steal the Steam version for just under $6 and the mobile versions (or at least the iOS version) for only $4. Expect the sale price to only last a week before jumping up to the MSRP.

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