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New Age of Rivals content, Conflict of Faith, now live

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We talked about the new content coming to the fantastic Age of Rivals back on Monday. Well, it’s here. That didn’t take long.

The new content is called Conflict of Faith and it includes 18 new cards and more with the big addition being the Conflict of Faith campaign. The campaign includes six challenge levels vs. preconstructed decks. Beating the campaign will unlock 3 of the 18 cards, with the rest being unlockable with all that gold you’ve been saving up.

There’s more:

Card Rebalancing

  • Graverobber Baron can now only steal a maximum of 2 coins per turn instead of 2 coins per Ruins drawn
  • Sun’s Sisters now gives bonus culture based on ruined card’s attack, and cost increased by 1
  • War Drums ability reprogrammed to work more reliably
  • Myrmidons cost reduced by 1
  • Conquistadors attack increased by 1
  • Assacani attack reduced by 1

Gameplay Changes

  • Both players are guaranteed to draw at least one Economic card during every draft in Round 1
  • Guaranteed cards will no longer ever show up in the very first draft
  • Early phase guaranteed cards may now draw during any draft in Round 1 (instead of just the first 2 drafts)

Apart from all that, there’s also the expected bug fixes and whatnot. We’ve raved about Age of Rivals around these digs enough that we’re nearly legally married, so we don’t need to keep piling on. Go buy it, and if you gave up on it after unlocking all the previous cards, get the update and have at it.

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Notable Replies

  1. Always hate getting to that point in a game when you just keep building up money with nothing to buy (see: Card Crawl). Nice that this one has offered new cards to stave that off a bit longer.

  2. Does this game have any solo value?

  3. js619 says:

    I rather enjoyed playing the AI, who is a stalwart competitor and worth the price of the game. There’s also a campaign / puzzle type mode, I think? Didn’t mess with that too much, so can’t attest to its value…

  4. Yes, on Hard the AI is a proper challenge and will knock you out some of the time. Even if it is usually not hard to predict what cards they will take and act accordingly. I mostly played against the computer and did not feel the lack.

    The campaign was pretty bare bones, though. Not a selling point in and of itself.

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