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Perchang bringing Warhammer Quest 2 to Android in April

iOS Universal, Android •

Warhammer Quest 2 had a bit of a rough release on iOS with many Stately Players [it’s too early, don’t start -ed.] complaining that the sequel lacked the original‘s tension and difficulty mainly due to a lack of random encounters. Perchang was on top of it, however, and released an expansion as well as updated the game to include, you guessed it, random dungeon encounters. Suddenly our forums were full of happy stories detailing the latest TPK at the hands of some random beastie and all was good again. Or was it? Turns out Android users still weren’t able to play and were crying in their Oreos. Or is it Marshmallows? Or Honeycombs? I can’t keep up. Good news, Android users! Perchang has announced that the Android version of Warhammer Quest 2 will be arriving on Google Play this April.

April 11th to be exact!

Ha! Got you to click past the jump for that. Clickety-click-click!

Ahem. The Android version of the game will arrive on Google Play on April 11, 2018 and will run $5 for the base game. As is the case these days, there will be IAP but it’s all new content, so we don’t mind that so much. There are two campaigns available for $5/each: The Lord of Khorne and Shadows Under Reikland. There are also six new warrior classes to buy for $3/each. Yep, it’s a lot, but you’re getting a ton of cool stuff and not a timer in sight.

In other words, you’re finally getting what the iOS folks have been playing since October so be happy! Soon, you too, will be able to chortle in glee as you experience your first TPK. Congratulations, I think.

  • Warhammer Quest 2 for iOS Universal, $5
  • Warhammer Quest 2 for Android, $5 [you’ll have to wait until April 11th if you just skipped to the bottom and didn’t read the article. I edit Dave, so I completely understand your reluctance to read any of his work -ed.]

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Notable Replies

  1. Beta testing this currently. Seems solid on my Google Pixel.

  2. Same here (on Nvidia Shield tablet), beside a minor issue which is currently being looked into.

  3. Still don’t get it. So much love for the follow-up to a game that charged a premium price yet still felt riddled with freemium bull, had shallow combat and repetitive enemies. What was special about it? What is special about this one?

  4. WHQ wasn’t riddled with freemium bull. Or are you talking about Deathwatch?

  5. It might not have technically had “premium bull” but I understand what @Hustlertwo is saying. The gold economy and costs for leveling or buying equipment really screamed “buy more gold.”

    I bounced off WHW2 pretty quickly.

  6. WHQ was pretty faithful to the board game, IIRC. It’s true that if you wanted to buy equipment from the merchants, progression would slow down significantly once you reached level 5, but a goldfinder dwarf with the goldfinder axe could rake in thousands per dungeon and speed this up immensely. I think the grind was more a function of the original game, then, and not the usual freemium crap–Rodeo always had buyable currency, and they took flak for it, but it was never, ever necessary. I’ve never even considered buying gold, and I’ve finished the game more times than I can recall.

    Can’t disagree with the WHQ2 complaints, sadly. I haven’t picked it up since the update, so maybe it’s better now, but I was shocked at how badly the game was designed out of the gate. My biggest disappointment in recent memory.

  7. I deleted it a while back but I am pretty sure I mean WHQ. Deathwatch was less of a FFT-style SRPG if I recall (loathe as I am to compare such an amazing game as FFT to something as flawed as WHQ). I remember paying increasing amounts to level up, having several character classes that were not available without an additional buy-in, and ditto for many of the locations. It was like all that was left was an extended free trial, except it wasn’t free!

    Even if all that stuff had been included with the initial purchase, it would have been shallow and bland. Mediocre at best. Without it, it just felt like a sad cash grab.

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