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Card swiping deckbuilder Meteorfall adds the Necrodude

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In this year of endless betas, we’ve had at least one launch that was worth talking about, the Tinder-ish roguelike, Meteorfall. I really liked the game even though — yes, you were all right about this — it’s not a substitute for Dream Quest. Is anything, though? Today Meteorfall received its first major content update since its January launch, something called the Necrodude.

The Necrodude’s name is Muldorf and he’s, well, what you’d get if you crossed Jeff Bridges with Melisandre. He’s really laid back, but in a creepy, bringing-back-dead-things kind of way. He has his own cards that involve summoning and draining the stamina of your enemies and more. Hey, if you liked Meteorfall but had grown tired of the 4 standard heroes, jump back in. The waters are warm again.

Muldorf isn’t the only addition arriving in this update, however. We also have a blurb.


  • Added Muldorf, the Necrodude
  • Introduced shop ‘bundles’ – instead of random cards, cards will be selected from pre-defined bundles of complementary bundles
  • Level-up: Stamina upgrade removed and replaced with an ‘upgrade a card for free’ option


  • Improved ‘event selection’ algorithm to prioritize more impactful events such as Blacksmith, Temple, and Shop (when usable by the player)


  • ROSE: -1 Holy Strike, +1 Flash Heal
  • BRUNO: Removed 2x Attack from starting deck. Added 1x Intimidate, 1x Gut Punch
  • MISCHIEF: Removed 1x Spider Bite from starting deck. Added 1x Vagabond Boots
  • Shop cost
  • Temple frequency increased. Now costs 0/5/10/15/25 to remove a card. Can remove multiple cards in a single visit.
  • Many small tweaks to monster decks and bosses
  • HEMORRHAGE: Now adds 1 action when played
  • POISON: Now adds 1 action when played
  • SHADOWBURN: Now reads “Deal 3 damage. Gain 1 HP for each charge on this spell.” (damage reduced slightly to compensate for the healing)
  • MEDITATE: now always grants an action, regardless of whether you have spells to recharge or not.


  • Fixed various event/card reroll exploits
  • DOOM Fixed a crash related to the Doom card during the Uberlich encounter
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to re-roll events
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes upgrade a card beyond the max level (3)
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘minion counter’ for Muldorf was shown in the wrong spot for iPhone X users
  • FEAR: Fixed a bug where the effect only lasted on turn
  • PICKPOCKET: Will no longer generate a Mana Potion when the effect triggers

That’s quite a bit for one update and, you want to know the best part? Everything you see there is free. Yep, even the new character. Just download and you’ll find the Necrodude as one of your available character selections. Good Luck!

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Notable Replies

  1. Downloaded it and played a couple of games so far.

    I like the changes, and the Necrodude is pretty cool.

    Still getting the hang of him, but I do like the "drain stamina, and then if you have more stamina then your opponent (or if you reduce it to zero stamina), do some damage (or heal, or whatever).

    I agree the Dream Quest is better than Meteorfall, but I have had more fun (or at least less frustration) with Meteorfall than I have with Dream Quest.

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