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Darkest Dungeon to describe the Color of Madness (it’s red) in June

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While I know Darkest Dungeon isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I think we can all agree that, yep, it probably is the darkest of all dungeons. You can bring torches along, but it’s still dark. In fact, the only color you’ll see while playing is blood red, and that’s when your beloved heroes go insane, which is better than death. Or is it?

In June there will be more color coming to Darkest Dungeon, namely a new expansion called The Color of Madness.

The Color of Madness brings a little (more) Lovecraftian horror to Darkest Dungeon via a ton of new mechanisms, environments, and more.

  • Wave-Based Survival in a New Environment: The Farmstead!
    • Nonstop action! Fight through endless groups of monsters in an effort to reach the comet’s crash site.
    • Get lost in Time and Space! Some waves will bring you face-to-face with foes from the other core regions of the Estate. (Courtyard and Darkest Dungeon will keep to themselves!)
    • Track your highest kill count, compare with friends and enemies alike!
    • Three new repeatable quests: a novice introduction, a veteran boss-kill, and an endless darkest-level wave-based combat experience.
  • Resupply!
    • Bolster your party with consumables obtained from mysterious new curios between waves of combat.
  • An All-New Enemy Faction
    • The Miller and his loyal workmen have become lifeless husks, consumed by the ever-growing crystalline influence that has spread from the comet across the farm…
  • 2 New Bosses
    • The Miller
    • Thing From the Stars (mini-boss)
  • Twisted New Trinkets
    • Available for purchase from the Jeweler, a new vendor in the Nomad Wagon. Put your gold away—he trades only in Comet Shards!
  • New tunes!
    • The Farmstead boasts the longest, most involved combat score to date!
  • And a bunch of other…maddening…stuff we’re not ready to share!

All this new content is coming on June 19 to PC/Mac/Linux for $5, but it will be coming to all the other platforms as well somewhere after the initial Steam release. That means the iPad, Switch, PS4/Vita, and Xbox One versions are hanging out on the waiting list.

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  1. This game hasn’t clicked with me, though it really should. At some point I need to stop treating it like a little pick-up-and-play mobile title and give it all the attention I’d give a new console game.

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