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One Deck Dungeon getting two new heroes

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Sentinels of the Multiverse was deluged with constant updates, new content, expansions, and more after its release and at a pace that would make most developers shut down from exhaustion. You’d think Handelabra would have a hard time replicating that with their latest baby, One Deck Dungeon, but it’s starting to feel like déjà vu. They’ve already added the Phoenix Den and tomorrow the roguelike card game is getting not one, but two new characters to kill with poor dice rolls: Fanatic and Caliana.

The Fanatic might sound familiar if you’re a Sentinels fan, as she happens to be one of the titular Sentinels. If you don’t remember her, she’s the one that looks like a Templar and an angel had a baby. Her solo power is pretty great, basically when she dies she doesn’t die and her power transforms. Now, this will only work the first time, but what are the odds that I’ll die TWICE in one dungeon? If you said 89.7%, you’re correct!

Tens of thousands of children die every day worldwide; when 6 year old Helena was hit by a city bus in the streets of Lima, she should have been one of them. She was in fact pronounced dead on the operating table, but suddenly sprang back to life exactly three minutes later. She spoke adamantly of visions of heaven and claimed that God had sent her back for a purpose beyond her understanding.

Years later, she stumbled upon an ancient cache of Templar arms and armor. With a determination bordering on fanaticism, she trained herself in the use of it. After a year of solitary prayer, It was time for her to fulfill her purpose: to purge the world of evil.

In some realities of the Multiverse, Fanatic joined the costumed Sentinels of the world and became a Prime Warden. In this disparate reality, she seeks out and destroys evil within the darkest dungeons!

The other character is Caliana who, apparently, is the mascot of Asmadi Games. I had no idea that game publishers had mascots or that Asmadi’s was Caliana. I’ve met Chris Cieslik many times and, if this were the case, you’d think he would have cosplayed as her at least once. Never happened.

Now, Caliana sounds like trouble. She cannot use potions or other items that give additional health. Luckily, she has methods to mitigate this, but the thought of not being able to heal at all doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope.

Caliana Asmadi, mascot of Asmadi Games, has decided that dungeoneering looks fun! As a faerie, she’s not so much bound by the normal human hero laws of “health” and “gravity.” If she’d take damage for any reason, she gets bored and leaves the dungeon instead!

Healing potions and items that give additional health have no effect on Caliana, but she can use other skills that prevent damage such as Dodge.

Both of these should be available sometime tomorrow (June 21) on Steam and, probably, Android. As we know, Apple likes to drag their feet when approving new content, so I’m guessing it will come at some point later for iPad users. As of the writing of this post, the cost is still listed as N/A for both heroes, so we’ll have to wait for them to go live to see how much the IAP will run us.

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  1. I like these kind of crossovers when they make sense, which they usually do in these character-based games. I believe Ra from Sentinels is in the Dresden Files game. Now when will The Wraith make it in to Pathfinder Adventures?

  2. When Obsidian realizes they have a really good game that they mucked up with a dumb CCG model, but they should totally keep supporting it because it would make them money if they stopped trying to treat it like a CCG and more like the board/card game that it is.


  3. Updated for me this morning with the DLC heroes

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