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One Deck Dungeon gets two new DLC to try: The Witch and The Cinder Plains

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I love Handelabra as much as the next guy, but the amount of One Deck Dungeon news is starting to get annoying. I mean, I haven’t even tried a dungeon with Caliana, their last DLC hero and now they’ve gone and added another? Not just that, but I still have problem getting through the 1-star-difficulty Dragon and now they’ve added a 4-star deathtrap? Geez, it’s almost like I’m just going to have to just keep playing and playing One Deck Dungeon for the foreseeable future. Woe is me.

If you update One Deck Dungeon you’ll notice both a new hero and a new dungeon waiting to join the fray for $1/each. The hero is The Witch who looks less Brothers Grimm and more Disney, so no need to worry about her baking children alive.

More anarchic than Mages, and more chaotic than Alchemists, Witches hail from the fiery volcanic city of Inanidec. Their strongest magic users earn the full title of Witch only after completing a deadly ritual known as “The Burning”. Syvir left Inanidec after completing her ascension and is ready to put her red-hot skills to the test. Her tactical balance makes her a jack of all trades, having studied equally in hand-to-hand combat and high level magic.

She seeks power and knowledge from the vaults of The Guild, although her reasoning is unknown. Flagged in The Council’s files for a lack of empathy, Syvir does whatever is necessary to win, especially if it means striking an enemy when they’re already down. Her teamwork leaves much to be desired; she’ll mock her own partners for any show of weakness.

Uh-huh. Okay, sure.

The other DLC released is a new dungeon called the Cinder Plains. This includes a new boss, The Hellhound, as well as some brutal effects to hinder your quest on levels 1-3 of the labyrinth.

You’re thirsty. So thirsty. Why did you come here? So thirsty… You open a potion bottle to drink it, but it evaporates before your eyes. You must press on, despite the flames. You tread carefully, but somehow your clothes are burning. The terrible Hellhound awaits, eager to consume your very heroism with its fiery maw. Best of luck, adventurer…

Yeah, I still haven’t beaten the Hydra, so I think I’ll take a pass. Oh, who am I kidding? I have a sickness and must own it all.

That’s one hottie with a body.

Both new DLC are available right now on all platforms for $1/each. You can find them by scrolling to the right on the New Game screen. Enjoy!


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